There is definitely a myriad of reasons to suggest that California, is by far the best state in US given its, you name it, infrastructure, climate, ecology, economy, education, level of civilization and most important of all, venture culture. This State of non-Californians and immigrants is a safe haven and solace for wealth worshippers, junior and senior capitalists, entrepreneurs, students and destination-driven individuals who have absolute determination to rewrite their destinies. Polish-Jewish immigrants Harry, Jack, Sam and Albert Warner brothers became Warner Bros only after they moved to California.

State’s motto, Eureka, which means ‘I have found it’ in Greek, speaks for itself to explain the rags-to-riches story of millions of self-made men and women who made it and keep making it here.

It surely has its peculiarities and dumb laws too such as ‘Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or place of worship.’ So what, I am not crazy about pets and too busy to fight for animal libido. Who cares!

Beyond a State, A Dream Within a Dream

Being the 3rd largest and most crowded state in US and one of the top ten largest economies in the world, California boasts a great number of natural attractions like the beaches of Pacific coast, Yosemite, Central and Death Valleys and Sierra Nevada Mountains. It was admitted to the Union in 1850 sequel to the conclusion of Mexican-American War of 1848 after short Mexican rule from 1821 to 1846 and longer years as a colony of Spanish Empire. Spanish-speaking amigos still rule the roost; however the Asians are flooding especially to IT-dominated Northern part, namely Silicon Valley and Bay Area.

Pen is mightier than sword!

Here lies the paradox of this land; the huge Mexican population remains poor, not Uganda-style though, and the new-comers turn the corner. Landowners cannot hold a candle to the tenants. What the heck is this world coming to? When we dig into this issue, wise eyes see a poetic justice, that the hardworking, pro-business nations investing all their available resources in human resources of their country in the past 50 years such as India, South Korea and Taiwan who made a big splash in IT, technology and science are rewarded while countries lacking the wisdom to understand the new rules of globalization like Mexico, South American countries, Turkey and many others are doomed to fail and lag behind. US opens the gates to the end for the mind-laborers of Asia, welcomes them wholeheartedly, sponsors them with H1 visas, gives them scholarships, does anything to attract talent and brain-boxes while building fences on the Mexican border to prevent galloping airhead teenagers from stepping into the country.

Adios Mexicans, Adios Turks too?

There is lesson here for Turkey, our beautiful country that has all the necessary elements imperative to success; a glorious history to be inspired, millions of smart students and graduates to back on, perfect landscape and climate just like California to attract capital and business, is merely trying to stick her head in the sand. Turkey is like a nervous soccer player sitting on the bench and watching the game but scared out of his wits to enter the game. Adios Turkey? Not yet, the next five years will tell.

California Never Disappoints

Have you heard about the plans of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) to map the Muslim communities in LA? If you haven’t, do not worry since this premature idea which was intending to microscope Pakistanis, Iranians and Chechens in particular is whacked by liberal, tolerant Californians long before delivery. I was on the brink of disappointment because it was very hard to believe when the State at stake is California and city taking this decision the city of angels. Thank God, I still love California.

California Reveals Your Real IQ

There is no other place in the world better than California to find out if you are really smart or dumb. If you are brave enough to test your brains, come to California. Why? California is a level playing field; awash with opportunities for the wise. Here, you are far away from your family and the beloved ones, no one to deter you from taking risks, no room for fear of failure, no one to be accountable. Here, you think, you decide, you act, you lose, you win, you suffer, you rejoice. This is the paradise of free-will.

Viva California

Here, even Mother Nature is exerting her full strength to make everything as smooth as possible for you. Shining sun pumps hope to each rising day.

Better than California?

Apricot in Damascus.

Vakkas Doğantekin