EU's capital Brussels is under terrorist attack only a few months after similar attacks hit France last November.  Major Turkish cities Ankara and Istanbul are other terrorist targets. It is obvious that ISIS wants to threaten every country that is crucial to solving migrant crisis emanating from Syria and Libya.  It demands these countries to mind their own business and not to interfere in regional conflicts.

Terrorist organizations such as ISIS and PKK are terrorism catering firms. They don’t have any mission or vision. They deliver the orders. They get super rich and make ‘powers that be’ super rich by causing chaos, wreaking havoc, confiscating oil fields, stealing organs, selling drugs and trafficking humans.

Therefore, wherever they may have the remote control of ISIS or PKK, a new world order of disorder is envisioned. EU idea aimed sustainability for the European countries but it is coming to an end. European masses increasingly prefer strong borders and anti-immigrant political parties. Migrant crisis is dissolving the unity of the European bloc. The future of Schengen Agreement that allows free movement of labor without lengthy border controls is definitely at stake. It looks like this will change especially after the France and Belgium attacks. The terrorists were able to travel undetected between these two countries. Improving national security measures at home, European countries will also focus more on Syria and Libya, the origin of these problems. The best defense is offense policy will work but with almost no productivity. EU is mired in financial problems and doesn’t have the vast resources to commit to the Middle East. Looming general elections in 2017 in France and Germany will enervate these two powerhouses in taking radical steps. Britain will most likely leave EU this summer in light of the changing safety landscape. Netherland and even Sweden is getting very nationalist and looks like the EU herd will disperse with ‘every man for himself’ movements.

The refugee agreement with Turkey will bear even more significance. Fierce anti-Turkey lobbies will exert their full strength to invalidate this agreement since it allows Turks visa-free travel to EU from June which is an indispensable element of this agreement for Turkey. The soft power of Turkey in solving this catastrophic ordeal will make Europe vulnerable to Turkish demands.

What To Do In The Age Of Terror?

1-Unite against terrorism. (This is the most difficult phase although it looks like the easiest. Some major countries get along with designated terrorist organizations or their affiliates that are not designated yet or on purpose. For instance, PKK is a designated terrorist organization by the US and EU but its affiliates YPG and PYD in Syria and Iraq are considered as allies against ISIS. Of Course, this is a masquerade. The real intention is to keep PKK alive against the regional stability.)

2-Define suicide bombers as 'unquestionable' terrorist organizations. (This is relatively easier to push because even the major powers that normally use terrorism as a tool behind the curtains cannot publicly defend suicide bombers or promote them as ‘freedom fighters’.)

3-Attack them by full force (If UN Security Council or the major countries can sincerely agree on Phase 1 and 2, Phase 3 is the easiest.)

‘New World Order’.The owners of this ‘vision’ are the reasons of this chaos.

Vakkas Dogantekin (Freelance Journalist)

Twitter: vdogantekin

Los Angeles, CA