Hrant Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Hrant Dink, the Armenian journalist, also a citizen of Turkey, killed brutally in daylight in Istanbul. His case remains to be in pitch dark and is definitely a genuine litmus test for Turkey’s real progress.

Upsurge of hideous Turkish ultra-nationalism
Acts of violence against minorities in Turkey by sponsored airhead teenagers is beginning to seriously darken Turkey’s bright future.

Sudden Deaths
Baris Akarsu, Turkish rock singer died in a car accident and Benazir Bhutto, former prime minister of Pakistan and the wife of Nawaz Sharif, notoriously known in Pakistan as Mr. Ten Percent, is assassinated while campaigning for the seat again. Turkey must share its democratic and secular experience with the land of Pak (clean) people.

Bring Your Own Bomb
Multiple suicide bombings kill 572 people in Qahtaniya, northern Iraq within the same day. Iraq, once one of the cradles of Mesopotamian civilization, finally wound up to be the temple of suicide bombers. Bombers all over the world backpack their bombs and party in Iraq.

Nauseating French Fries and French Presidents
Nicolas Sarkozy, the repulsively obnoxious French yokel, is elected president of France which will seriously harm and slow down Turkey’s EU progress at least during his tenure.

Japanese Miss Universe? Come on!
Riyo Mori, the skinny Japanese girl of zero charm was crowned the new Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City. Shame on the blind judging panel choosing her over Venezuelan and Brazilian sweethearts who were worth 100 Riyo Moris each!

Fenerbahce Easy on Galatasaray
Fenerbahce, my fave soccer team in Turkey, beats Galatasaray, our arch-enemy, only 2-0, that disappoints the fans who are used to seeing more than 5 goals.

Wish you all a very happy new year!

Vakkas Doğantekin