Türkiye ile Ermenistan arasında İsviçre’nin başkenti Zürich’te imzalanan protokol anlaşması sonrası, Dışişleri Bakanı Ahmet Davutoğlu’nun yapmayı planladığı ancak son anda iptal edilen konuşmasının İngilizce tam metnini dünya kamuoyuna ilk kez Turkishny.com duyuruyor.

Türkiye ile Ermenistan arasındaki ilişkilerin normalleştirilmesine ilişkin geçtiğimiz günlerde imzalanan protokoller Türkiye Dışişleri Bakanı Ahmet Davutoğlu ve Ermenistan Dışişleri Bakanı Edward Nabandyan tarafından imzalanmış, ancak imzalar sonrasında iki ülke bakanlarının yapacakları açıklamalar iptal edilmişti. İşte yalnız Turkishny.com’un elinde bulunan Dışişleri Bakanı Davutoğlunun ‘yapmadığı’ konuşmasının İngilizce tam metni:


Madame Federal Counselor,

Distinguished Colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we are here as Turkey and Armenia to take an important step in embarking on a journey towards a new horizon of hope. This journey is long. This journey is fraught with difficulties. However, it is worth taking. This journey can only be made hand in hand with our partners present here, as well as all the peoples of the Caucasus.

I consider myself to be fortunate enough to see that a vision, a courageous step that has taken a considerable time to develop, has finally reached maturity. Indeed, this is a historic moment that we need to cherish and be proud of.

A few years ago there were those who did not believe that we could ever reach this stage. Thanks to the  good cooperation between the Turkish and Armenian leadership we have proven them wrong.

Today we celebrate an important stage in the process of normalizing relations between Turkey and Armenia.

initiative launched in the Autumn of 2007 that has made this ceremony possible, has brought two neighbouring countries closer together.

At thishistoric juncture, I would like to make the following call upon the Turkish and Armenian nations across the world and the international community:

- let us lie without conflicts that affect the stability of our neighbourhood.

- let us resolve issues and eradicate animosities.

- let us resolve all bilateral problems and achieve peace and harmony among all nations in our region.

- let us help establish a new order that is beneficial for all.

- let us  achieve a new perspective and shared vision for the Caucasus that entails comprehensive normalization.

- let us have  prosperity in our region. Our neighbours’ prosperity is our prosperity.

- we had proposed the establishment of the Caucasus Stability and Cooperation Platform for this reason. This was also the motivation for our efforts in the Middle East and the Balkans.

- we all have responsibilities to achieve comprehensive peace, including those present here today.

- we all know that achieving peace is not easy. Only the visionary and courageous can take such steps under difficult circumstances. Turkey and Armenia have taken this step.

Dear Friends,

Our host, Switzerland, competently assumed a very important and constructive role in this process. I would like to express through the Head of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Her Excellency Madame Micheline Calmy-Rey, my sincere gratitude to Swiss diplomacy for this invaluable contribution and her warm hospitality.

I would also like to thank those guests who are present at this ceremony; our dear colleagues, Hillary, Sergey; Bernard, Samuel and Javier. Your participation reflects the utmost importance and significance of this event.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is not only a historic moment for the future of the relations between Turkey and Armenia, but also between the Turkish and Armenian peoples. The signatures we have placed on the Protocols today represent a first step towards the effective normalization of our bilateral relations. We genuinely believe that this process will be crowned with success.

The normalization of relations between the two countries and peoples will constitute an exemplary achievement of a new civilizational policy, in line with the requirements and expectations of the 21st century.

The success of the normalization of our relations, no doubt, will depend on the continuation of the courage and determined political will displayed by the parties today. Turkey is ready to build with her neighbor Armenia a common vision for the future.


We expect that this joint initiative which seeks to cultivate compromise and good-neighborly relations will foster other reconciliations and a culture of harmony and understanding in our region. This is what we should do to shape the present and prepare the future of our common region.

Distinguished Colleagues,

The documents that we have just signed create important ground for the Turkish and Armenian peoples to rekindle their friendship, to offer next generations the spirit of living and working together towards a common and prosperous future.

These Protocols provide us opportunities that will serve the interests of both Turkish and Armenian peoples. We look forward to working together with Armenia in order to make the most of these opportunities.

Dear Colleagues and Distinguished Guests,

Turkish and Armenian peoples went through a very tragic period of our common history.

This is the only way for these two great and dignified nations to leave behind the conflict of their collective memories and reach together a just memory.

It is an honour to sign these Protocols on behalf of the Republic of Turkey.  I hope they will pave the way for a wide normalization and comprehensive peace in the region.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is the day for peace.

This is the day for courage.

This is the day for wisdom.

And, I truly believe that everybody in this hall shares this vision of peace.

Thank you.

Turkishny.com / Özel