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10 October 2017—


Before the Parade, “You know, I’m never worried about that at any public event. Being Mayor of New York City means you’re going to get some cheers, you’re going to get some jeers, ” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in remarks. And Mr. Mayor was right. He got some cheers, and more boos!

I am talking about the Columbus Day Parade.

It took place on Monday, 9 October, on Fifth Avenue from 47th Street to 72nd Street, in a very rainy day.

First Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo marched.

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His staff was giving signs, read “Proud Italian-Americans for Cuomo”, to spectators, as they do at every parade, to get more cheers.


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The parade didn’t have a lot of spectators; even the seats in the grandstands were empty.

And, Mayor de Blasio passed.  

Since Mayor de Blasio has ordered the commission, headed by Ford Foundation President Darren Walker and the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs commissioner Tom Finkelpearl, to review of monuments of historical figures, including Christopher Columbus statue, for possible removal, or what to do with them, he got some supporters and some angry Italian-Americans.

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Some non-supporters were there with “Save the Columbus Statue” sign.

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And, some people greeted him.

The Mayor, “I think some of the critics, possibly for their own purposes, have tried to gin this up. No one is moving any statues. No one is changing anything in the short-term,” said in remarks at the beginning of the parade, and continued, ” I’ve said, there are a lot of different solutions, including something as simple as putting additional historical markers up to tell other elements of the history – that should be a conversation that people are not afraid of.”

Photos: © h. nazan ışık / NKENdiKEN

© h. nazan ışık