Another 1-2-3 blow to those bogus Armenian genocide claims.

This time, it is from the high court.  And this time, the ruling by a panel of federal judges pierces through the collective hearts of all Armenian falsifiers and their Turk-hating friends like a golden arrow… whoosh! 

The wording by The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals (8/20/09) does not really leave much to say, does it?

“…the U.S. government doesn't legally recognize that an Armenian genocide occurred…”

 As if this is not enough, the judges follow with a thunderous lightning:

“…The  (California 2000) law contradicts past presidents' opposition to describing Turkey's slaughter of as many as 1.5 million Armenians as a genocide…”

Never mind that the casualty numbers are deliberately inflated in the bogus Armenian claims and that Turkey was not “slaughtering” but “defending their home” in the face of a minority that took up arms against their own government, joined the invading enemy armies, and were killing their Turkish neighbors and other fellow citizens (Kurds, Arabs, Jews, Circassians, Bosnians, and more) en masse.  Never mind that the Armenians made plans to betray Turkey prior to WWI, armed and organized themselves for sedition, attacked government facilities, killed soldiers and police and ordinary citizen bystanders, made territorial demands on the government,  enthusiastically joined the enemy during a major war of survival of the state, and when Turks defended their country, home and family with much superior passion, determination, energy, and skill,  the  treasonous Armenian ingrates screamed  “genocide!”… err… 50 years later!

There is more, but first, let’s read the news:


Armenian Americans descended from victims of the 1915-18 massacre by Ottoman Turks can't sue foreign insurance companies for unpaid claims because the U.S. government doesn't legally recognize that an Armenian genocide occurred, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday. A Glendale priest and thousands of other Armenians whose relatives were among the 1.2 million killed had won a partial victory two years ago. U.S. District Judge Christina A. Snyder said then that a 2000 law passed by the California Legislature gave the descendants standing to sue three German insurance companies…  (Read more and then see comments below.)


(08-20) 14:25 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- A California law allowing heirs of victims of the Armenian genocide to sue in state courts for unpaid insurance benefits is unconstitutional because it conflicts with U.S. foreign policy, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday. The law contradicts past presidents' opposition to describing Turkey's slaughter of as many as 1.5 million Armenians as a genocide, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco said in a 2-1 ruling.   (ead more and then see comments below)


SAN FRANCISCO — A federal appeals court invalidated a California law Thursday that allowed heirs of Armenians killed in the Turkish Ottoman Empire nearly a century ago to seek payment on the life insurance policies of dead relatives. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the law amounted to unconstitutional meddling in U.S. foreign policy. It based its 2-1 ruling on a 2003 (Read more and then see comments below.)

Now for comments, I have the following thoughts:

1- Turkey and USA settled their differences arising from the mutual claims during WWI amicably with an agreement inked in 1934.  Consequently, any claims after that point by any American (Armenian heritage or not) against Turkey cannot go through US Court system.

2- This fact should have been known to those who have even the most cursory knowledge on this subject but even more so, to attorneys. Congressman Adam Schiff, an attorney at law by profession, who “co-wrote” this incredibly ill-informed law based on deliberate misrepresentations by his Armenian constituents and his gullible acceptance of same and who rammed it through the state legislature, should have known better.

3- Adam Schiff, thus, wasted by his self-serving efforts to appease his Armenian supporters, untold amount of time, money, and energy. If a CPA could sit down and calculate all this, s/he would find that the final figure could be in the many millions of dollars.

4-  In view of the fact that California is just ordered to free up to 45,000 inmates due to substandard living conditions in prisons and does not have money or time to build new ones, Adam Schiff’s selfish disregard may have cost the taxpayers many millions of dollars.   He could have worked on this real issue when he was in Sacramento instead of trying to legalize fictitious,  divisive, polarizing, fraudulent, and good-for-nothing  Armenian claims.

5- What’s more, it is not a leap of imagination to predict that if those freed inmates commit terrible crimes tomorrow, Adam Schiff should be held at least partially responsible, since he so egotistically wasted the courts’ time and squandered the state’s and country’s resources in political witch hunt.   (Schiff is still squandering taxpayers hard earned money by sending aid to Armenia, a land-locked, poverty-stricken, extremely corrupt, violent, and rogue country which goes out of its way to create  trouble for each and every one of its neighbors.  Armenia’s major import is foreign aid and major export is illegal aliens, crooks, criminals, and terrorists.  Has anyone red the coverage in LA Times of the widespread Medicaid/Medicare fraud committed by mostly the “Armenian immigrants”?  That’s my tax dollars at work.  And Schiff  wanted to open a “ US Trade Office” financed by more of my tax dollars there.  Trade office?  Really?  Trade what?  Five crooks for a bushel of wheat?  Fifteen criminals for a  Dell computer?  Fifty terrorists for a Chevy truck?  Anyway, let’s go back to the issue at hand.)

6- Campaign pledges on the one hand and realities and responsibilities of office after being elected on the other, are two completely different things. The Armenian Diaspora simply does not get it, even after so many legal lessons ofsimilar magnitude. So when Obama, Biden, Clinton and others do not go along with discredited Armenian claims while in office, the Armenians are quick to call this reversal of their fortune " a denial". In reality, however, they are the ones who deny the truth.

7- The Armenian claims are racist and dishonest. They are racist because they ignore Turkish suffering and loss caused by Armenian ultranationalists during WWI, just because the victims are Turkish. And they are dishonest because they deliberately and cunningly exclude the six T’s of the Turkish-Armenian conflict: tumult (revolts), terrorism, treason, territorial demands, Turkish suffering, and TERESET (temporary resettlement order of 1915, which is amply documented as such, not genocide. See

Any questions?

Ergun Kırlıkovalı