A memorial took place at Dag Hammorskjold Park near UN HQ in New York on Friday to remember the victims of the Khojaly Massacre.

Many Azeri and Turkish people attended a protest held by Azeri New York Community to commemorate victims of the Khojaly Massacre. They chanted slogans saying that "We Want Justice for Khojaly", "Long Live Azerbaijan" and "Long Live Turkic World".

Ercan Yerdelenli, the head of Azeri New York Community, told AA correspondent that UN and other international organizations recognized other massacres but they remained silent regarding the the Khojaly Massacre. "With this demonstration, we aim to remind the UN that we did not forget the massacre," he said.    

Ali Cinar, head of Federation of Turkish American Associations, said that the federation supported the demonstration.
Another memorial also took place in German capital of Berlin on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Khojaly massacre.
613 Azeri Turks -- the majority of who were children, women, elderly, sick and disabled -- were killed by Armenians in Khojaly town on February 25-26, 1992.

Photos: TurkishNY.com
(Reporting by Ozlem Sahin Sakar) - AA