Turkey-USA Inter-parliamentary Friendship Group at the U.S. Congress celebrated the 10th anniversary of its foundation with a banquet and reception held in the U.S. capital of Washington on Thursday.
A total of 28 U.S. congressmen, including the group's co-chairs Ed Whitfield, Stephen Cohen and Virginia Foxx, attended the event organized by Turkish Coalition of America (TCA).

Speaking at the reception, Republican Congressman from Kentucky Ed Whitfield, who is among the founders of the inter-parliamentary group, said that the group had more than 100 members and such figure should be increased.

Republican Congresswoman from North Carolina Virginia Foxx said in her part that the group was determined to display all the efforts to improve Turkish-U.S. relations and to inform Congress members about Turkey's history and culture.

Democratic Party Congressman from Tennessee Stephen Cohen also noted that Turkish-U.S. relations had gained more importance especially after the recent developments in the Middle East.

Turkey's ambassador in Washington Namik Tan attended the reception as well.

Delivering a speech, Tan said Turkey had been displaying an active role in international matters recently, adding that Congress members should be informed better on Turkey and they should contact Turkish officials before reaching judgments about the country.