Nurettin Canikli dismisses US calls for Turkey to abstain from violence in northwestern Syrian region as 'nonsense'.

Turkey’s defense minister on Friday confirmed that a military operation will go forward in Syria’s northern border region of Afrin to “remove the terrorist presence” there.

Speaking on news channel A Haber, Nurettin Canikli said of the upcoming operation: “It will happen.” But as Turkish forces and equipment amass at the border, he gave no specifics on timing, saying this was part of the planning.

“All terrorist lines in northern Syria will be eradicated. There is no other way,” he added.

He also dismissed a call from the U.S. discouraging the operation.

Addressing Thursday remarks by State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert saying the U.S. wants Turkey to abstain from violence in Afrin, Canikli called them “nonsense.”

TSK Afrin'deki terör hedeflerini vurdu ile ilgili görsel sonucu