Nusr-et Steakhouse, from a living internet meme, makes its Midtown debut.

Salt Bae, the internet meme who’s managed to turn his viral fame into an actual business, is finally making his New York debut with the opening of Turkish steakhouse Nusr-Etthis week.

Butcher Nusret Gökçe’s Midtown restaurant at 60 West 53rd St., near Sixth Avenue, was originally supposed to open on Monday, but now, a representative says it will only be available to the masses later, likely by Thursday. The flames are ready to go; a smaller crew of people have already sampled Gökçe’s selection of grilled meats at the 150-seat restaurant.

Expect lots of meat and lots of flair, including an extra-large reminder that New Yorkers are in fact dining in the establishment of a viral sensation. An illustrated version of Gökçe — particularly of his signature salt seasoning move — has been blown up and put on the wall as decor.

The menu isn’t finalized but will be similar to the first U.S. location in Miami, with cuts of steak, beef filet, lamb, and veal. Meats will be chargrilled and then cut table-side, part of the growing trend of performative dining and also completely in line with Salt Bae’s flashy persona.


Following Gökçe’s rise to internet fame, his restaurant has gotten huge. The chain now has 11 locations globally, and the fairly new Miami one has reportedly been quite busy. According to the Times, that outpost already pushes out some 1,000 meals a day. Take a look at Salt Bae in action and the New York space, designed by Glen & Co. Architecture, below.