Erica Garner's father was killed in 2014 by a white police officer accused of using an unlawful chokehold.

A prominent civil rights activist whose father was killed by a New York City police officer died Saturday after being in a coma for several days, according to her family.

Daughter of Police Victim Dies From Brain Damage ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Anti-police brutality activist Erica Garner, 27, was hospitalized after an asthma attack triggered a heart attack last week. She subsequently suffered brain damage from a lack of oxygen

"She passed away this morning. The reports are real. We didn't deserve her," her official Twitter account reported.

Her father, Eric Garner, was killed by a New York City police officer accused of using an unjustified and unlawful chokehold in 2014.

It pushed Erica Garner into activism. She gained national prominence after speaking out in the wake of her father's death and met former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2016.

She used her prominence to stand up against police brutality and personally endorsed Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders for president. Garner also spoke in a 2016 presidential campaign advertisement.

"I had the honor of getting to know Erica and I was inspired by the commitment she made working towards a more just world for her children and future generations," Sanders said in a tweet Saturday, sending his condolences. "She was a fighter for justice and will not be forgotten."

"Erica, the world loves you. I love you. I am glad you came into our lives. May you find the peace in the next life that you deserved while you were here," family members said in a tweet.

Justin Bamberg, American lawyer and Democrat representative from South Carolina also sent his condolences, saying: "We lost one of the realist today. A mother, daughter, warrior for justice, equality, and flat out human decency. Rest on sister Erica."

Her death also attracted attention via social media.

"Just heartbroken to hear about the passing of Erica Garner. Met her the summer of 2016. She had such a vibrant spirit and what happened to her father is something so unimaginable," said Jemele Hill, a prominent sports commentator.

"I pray for peace and comfort for her family and loved ones," Hill added.

Erica's father's death in 2014, drew heavy anger after a grand jury in New York declined to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who used the chokehold while attempting to arrest Garner for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes outside a Staten Island store.

Public reaction to Garner's death contributed to mounting national outrage against police brutality and helped foment the Black Lives Matter movement.

Massive protests were held across the country to register anger over the grand jury’s decision not to charge a white police officer in the death of an unarmed black man.

Protesters converged on busy streets, blocking traffic, and staged die-ins, carried mock coffins and chanted “I can’t breathe” -- Garner’s last words before he died.

Daughter of Police Victim Dies From Brain Damage ile ilgili görsel sonucu