Iraq will declare 'national day' after a last desert area is retaken from Daesh.

Daesh's presence in Iraq is “militarily” finished and all cities have been retaken, the Iraqi prime minister said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a weekly news briefing in Baghdad, Haider al-Abadi said the Daesh presence in a desert area in the west of the city of Anbar would come to an end soon.

“Then, it will be a full victory,” al-Abadi said adding that this day would be declared as “a national day” in Iraq.

Regarding the Iraqi Supreme Federal Court’s decision on Monday declaring a September referendum on the secession of northern Iraq’s Kurdish region “unconstitutional”, al-Abadi warned Kurdish citizens to avoid conflict.

“I warn our Kurdish citizens to avoid all kinds of conflicts and call on them to obey the laws,” Al-Abadi sai, stressing the need for security and adding that the Iraqi central government would pay the salaries of civil servants after necessary investigations.

Daesh has recently suffered a string of crushing defeats in both Iraq and Syria after overrunning vast swathes of territory in both countries in mid-2014.

On Nov. 17, Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji declared that Daesh terrorist group’s presence in Iraq has effectively come to an end following the “liberation” of the city of Rawa in the western Anbar province.

Irak Başbakanı İbadi'den 'DEAŞ açıklaması'