Getting more unabashed with the adoption of so called Armenian genocide resolution in the Foreign Affairs Committee of U.S. House of Representatives, Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) has published a picture, in which Turkish flag is wrapped on the mouth of the statue of liberty. Publishing an announcement titled "End Turkey's Gag Rule", one of the major lobbying organizations of Armenian diaspora, ANCA wrote that a foreign country has placed gag-rule on the nation's recognition of so called Armenian genocide. The announcement reads, "Using threats and intimidation to block legislation that simply calls upon us all to apply the lessons of this atrocity to help prevent future crimes against humanity."

Going further with baseless claims, ANCA claimed that Turkey outlaws discussion of Armenian allegations, forgetting that Turkey calls Armenia to open archives and establish a joint committee of historians to make researches on 1915 incidents but this initiative cannot be realized because Armenia drags feet. As it claims that Turkey wants to export its "restrictions" to the United States, ANCA should be reminded that a group of intellectuals in Turkey went further than discussing the issue and apologized to Armenians in their behalf. On the other hand, we are sure that Armenian diaspora in United States would love to see a resolution (like the one that France adopted due to the Armenian diaspora's gag-rule in the country) that penalizes denial of Armenian allegations related to 1915 incidents, if they could.   

Stating that Turkey puts pressure on the U.S. lawmakers and restricts the free speech of US, ANCA published a picture that Turkish flag is wrapped on the mouth of the statue of liberty. calls ANCA to be respectful to the Turkish flag and to immediately remove the picture in which our national symbol is used as a propaganda material.