Bentley by Molton Hotels, one of the city hotels of Molton, was awarded Turkey’s Best Concept Hotel in the 24th World Travel Awards this year. Bentley by Molton Hotels, located in the heart of İstanbul, Harbiye congress valley deserved the award thanks to its wonderful location offering a magnificent sea view as well as its architecture and achievement in usage of elements such as illumination, area and luxury.

Selected by the votes of the international travel and tourism professionals, the 24th World Travel Awards presented to the prize winners with a ceremony which took place in St. Petersburg, Russia. Bentley by Molton Hotels, one of the 11 hotels of Molton hotel chain, was awarded Turkey’s Best Concept Hotel prize in World Travel Awards 2017.

Bentley by Molton Hotels won the award not only due to its aestheticized, pure and modern luxury but also comfort and easiness thanks to its location in İstanbul that is in the heart of entertainment, shopping, congress and art centers. Illumination and usage of area are particularly highlighted in the interior design of the hotel, designed by Milan architects  Piere Lissoni and Nicoletta Canes hired by Çınar Otelcilik. Besides, Bentley by Molton Hotels brings İstanbul’s vibrant life and the sea into the rooms through its large windows. Furniture and accessories in the hotel stand out with a modern sense of design which harmonize eastern and western cultures.

İ. Halil Korkmaz: “Bentley by Molton Hotel will maintain to contribute in our country the value it deservers as an İstanbul brand.

İ. Halil Korkmaz, the president of Board of Directors of Molton Holtels made following statements;

“We are proud of the certification of the elegant atmosphere we offer our visitors in Bentley by Molton Hotels by World Travel Awards. I appreciate the value of such awards in terms of the contribution they make in the branding of Turkey, especially İstanbul. Concept hotels play a significant role in motivating people to visit a city. As tourism professionals our share is to create qualified projects which will reflect and represent the identity of cities. The service we provide under Molton brand is a reflection of this mentality. Bentley by Molton Hotels will maintain to contribute in our country the value it deservers as an İstanbul brand.”


About World Travel Awards

World Travel Awards first organized in 1993 in order to give perfection the credit where it is due in tourism sector. Awards are now acknowledged as the most explicit token of quality all around the world and winners are considered on the benchmarking pitch by their rivals.