President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a live interview with Turkish broadcaster A Haber late Friday that Turkey would announce its plan regarding the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) independence referendum in the near future.

"We will announce our plan regarding the KRG referendum after the National Security Council meeting on Sept. 22," Erdoğan said, adding that KRG leader Masoud Barzani's was "very, very wrong."

The president underlined that importance of the issue, saying that Turkey has a 350-meter long border with Iraq and would therefore only the country's territorial integrity.

Previously on Friday, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım held a phone call with his Iraqi counterpart Haider Al-Abadi, during which the two leaders vowed cooperation on the cancellation of the KRG referendum.

Yıldırım also called on KRG leader Barzani to turn back from the decision to hold the vote, calling it "a grave mistake."

Ankara expressed support for the Iraqi parliament's decision Tuesday to oppose the independence vote, calling on the government in Baghdad to negotiate with the Erbil-based KRG.

Iraqi parliamentarians voted Tuesday to reject the nonbinding referendum planned to be held on September 25, authorizing the Iraqi prime minister to take all measures necessary to preserve Iraq's unity.

A "yes" vote in the independence referendum would not spell immediate independence for the Kurdish region, since the referendum does not have legal force. However, Kurdish officials say they will use it to pressure the Iraqi government in Baghdad to come to the negotiating table and formalize their independence bid.

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