U.S. President Donald Trump arrived in Texas to review damage caused by Hurricane Harvey and meet representatives of relief organizations.

Trump traveled with the Cabinet secretaries of Health and Human Services and Housing and Urban Development, and the head of the Small Business Administration. Sanders says the secretaries will meet with their Texas counterparts.

Air Force One flew a path to Corpus Christi that avoided flying over Houston, where much of the downtown area is under water.

Tropical storm Harvey dropped nearly 125 centimeters of rain - a record for a cyclonic storm in the continental United States - in Pearland, Texas, south-east of Houston, the National Weather Service said Tuesday.

The rain fell within a 58-hour period since Friday, the day that Harvey made landfall as a category-4 hurricane. It has since gone on to cause massive flooding in Houston and other parts of Texas.

The record measurement was from a rain gauge at a bridge over Mary's Creek, about 2 kilometers from Pearland Regional Airport.

The previous record was 122 centimeters from tropical storm Amelia, which made landfall in July 1978 near Texas' border with Mexico. Higher rainfall from a tropical storm has been recorded in the U.S. only in the Hawaiian islands.

Residents are evacuated from their homes after severe flooding following Hurricane Harvey in north Houston August 29, 2017 in Houston, Texas (AFP Photo)