Trump is in Paris as guest of honor to mark Bastille Day.

French President Emmanuel Macron and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump discussed on Thursday counterterrorism and other issues in Paris Thursday.

Trump is in Paris as a guest of honor to mark Bastille Day and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the American entry into World War I.

Speaking at a joint news conference with his American counterpart, Macron said: "I think it is both symbolic and important that the president of the United States can be present tomorrow to celebrate our national holiday."

Macron ile Trump ,fransa Les Invalides ile ilgili görsel sonucu

"The presence of Donald Trump was natural, and I think it is important for the history of our country," he said.

Trump said he was "very happy to participate in the July 14 parade" and recalled that "more than a million French soldiers have died to defend freedom" alongside Americans.

"France and the United States are longtime allies [...] united by freedom," said the American president. "Our relations are excellent today."

The French leader said they discussed trade agreements, counterterrorism, the Syrian crisis and they agreed on a "joint" vision for Libya and the Sahel. 

Climate change

Macron said they have agreed to work toward a post-war roadmap for Syria and were largely in agreement on issues concerning security and stability in the Middle East.

"In the fight against terrorism, our views are perfectly aligned," Macron said, adding a contact group will be created to support the United Nations, namely to help organize post-conflict Syria.

Macron also said they spoke about their "disagreements" on issues such as climate change.

Trump announced last month that he was pulling the U.S. from the international Paris Agreement to combat climate change.

"On the climate, we know our disagreements. I respect the decision of Donald Trump but I remain attached to the Paris agreement, "Macron said.

Trump for his part said "something could happen" with his Paris climate policy without explaining or giving any details. "We will see," he said.

Asked about the affair concerning Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian attorney who said to have dirt on Hillary Clinton, Trump defended his son, and said he is a "wonderful" man and did nothing wrong.

Eiffel Tower dinner

Macron and Trump, as well as their spouses, are to have a private dinner at a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower on Thursday night.

On Friday, the Trumps are to attend the July 14th military parade on the Champs-Elysees, which will also celebrate the 100th anniversary of U.S. forces landing on French soil during World War I.

According to the Elysee Palace, American troops will participate in the parade alongside their French counterparts.

Trump will leave Paris at the conclusion of the Bastille Day ceremonies.

Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Macron’dan Abd Başkanı Trump’a Resmi Karşılama

Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Macron’dan Abd Başkanı Trump’a Resmi Karşılama

Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Macron’dan Abd Başkanı Trump’a Resmi Karşılama

Fransa Cumhurbaşkanı Macron’dan Abd Başkanı Trump’a Resmi Karşılama