There have been no official appeals from Bulgaria for the compensation of the properties of Bulgarian nationals left in Turkey, Turkish foreign minister said Tuesday.

"There are no official attempts for such a thing. It is in both countries' interests that Turkey-Bulgaria relations, which constitute a very good model, remain the way they are," Ahmet Davutoglu told reporters in a joint press conference with his Brazilian counterpart Celso Amorim, who pays a visit to Turkey.

News reports have said Bulgaria planned to ask Turkey for a 10 billion USD compensation for the properties that Bulgarian nationals left behind in 1913 in Turkey.

A Bulgarian cabinet member has signalled that his country would block Turkey's accession to the European Union unless Turkey agreed to pay the compensation.

"What happened in the history did not happen as a unilateral immigration. Nearly two million Turks had to leave their homes in Bulgaria and they headed back to Turkey. And any discussion of these historical issues needs a wider and a comprehensive debate. But the continuation of the friendly relations between Turkey and Bulgaria is in the good of both countries. There is great benefit in avoiding from making such statements which might harm the friendship," Davutoglu said.