In a joint declaration signed by the foreign ministers of Turkey and Japan on Monday to mark the beginning of the "2010 Year of Japan in Turkey", the sides said that the cooperation between the two countries was strong enough to positively affect the future of the globe.

The declaration said that the sinking of the Ertugrul Frigate, sent by the Ottoman Empire to Japan 120 years ago as a delegation of friendship, in the Pacific Ocean has helped the foundation of relations and become a symbol of Turkish-Japanese ties of friendship.

The declaration said that the two countries have ties of friendship and goodwill not seen in international relations frequently.

The declaration noted that Japan viewed Turkey as a crucial friend located in a central position at the intersection of Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

On the other hand, Turkey paid high attention to developing friendship and cooperation with Japan in an effort to boost partnerships in Asia and the Pacific region, the declaration stressed.

Cooperation between the two countries is strong enough to have a positive impact on the future of the world, the declaration said.
The declaration said that the existing figures in bilateral trade did not represent the actual potential.

The declaration also said that the Ertugrul tragedy, in its 120th anniversary, reminded all about the roots of the historical ties between Turkey and Japan and that the "2010 Year of Japan in Turkey" will lead to strengthening of already friendly relations.


Photo: AA