Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Thursday the Turkish government's ideal goal was to facilitate peace with all neighboring countries as the continuation of the "Peace at Home, Peace in the World" principle. Speaking at a press conference to make an assessment of developments in 2009, Davutoglu said that relations between Turkey and the United States gained new momentum with the beginning of the Barack Obama term in Washington, D.C.

We are working to promote "Model Partnership" between Turkey and the U.S. This concept involves deep cooperation not only in military and strategic terms but economoy as well, Davutoglu stressed.

Touching on Turkey's relations with neighboring countries, Davutoglu said that the goal of "zero problem" with the neighbors is about to be achieved.

The "zero problem" strategy does not imply that there are no disagreements between the neighbors. It implies the eradication of crisis in the short and medium terms, Davutoglu said.

In reference to developments in the Middle East, Davutoglu said that 2009 was a busy year.

The war in Gaza affected negatively all the processes in the region and led to the end of the talks between Syria and Israel. Turkey's attitude on the war in Gaza was a realist one, Davutoglu said.

In regard to Iran and its nuclear program, Davutoglu noted that Turkey wanted to find a peaceful solution to the issue and did not want new clashes in the region.

"We have implemented a vision we had in our minds for Turkey. This vision wants a Turkey that has been admitted as a full member to the European Union, a Turkey that has integrated with all neighbors, and a Turkey whose economy is one of the 10 biggest ones in the world," Davutoglu also said.