One of the biggest supporters of Armenian lobby in United States on recognition of so called Armenian genocide, member of U.S. House of Representatives George Radanovich (R - CA) announced that he will not be candidate again in the next elections which will be held in the October. Radanovich, who is elected to the Congress for the first time in 1994, supported Armenian allegations on 1915 events for his all politic career. He was announced as "man of the year" for two times by Armenian National Congress in United States because of his support to Armenian lobbies.

On the other hand, the seat of George Radanovich will be probably taken over by former Mayor of Fresno, Jim Patterson. During his administration, Patterson had announced the year 1999 as "Armenian genocide year".

It is reported that Armenian lobby will lose power in the absence of Radanovich. On the other hand, Jim Patterson will apply to Armenian diaspora for support, for being able to be elected. Representatives that are elected in the state of California are asking for funds and votes to Armenian diaspora in the country. And afterwards, they voice Armenian claims against Turkey as they work representatives of Armenian diaspora.