“I do not rule out that the visa system between Russia and Turkey will soon be abolished too.

In fact, the visa system is simplified between our two countries, but there is nothing wrong in its complete cancellation,” said Alexey Vlasov, a political scientist and general director of the Center for post-Soviet studies, speaking of the possibility to abolish the visa regime between Turkey and Russia.

“The relations between the two countries in the recent years can be characterized as truly strategic, our views are very similar. But let’s not forget that Turkey is a NATO member and it has to coordinate its actions with Washington and Brussels and it is difficult to predict what will happen in the future. The issue of rapprochement between Russia and Turkey discussed in Turkish press can be an element of blackmail of the West. But one should not make predictions in policy as it is a thankless task, and therefore nothing can be predicted, while the further deepening of Russian-Turkish relations will depend on the political configuration in the future,” he said.

Asked whether Ankara and Moscow have the same positions on the Karabakh issue, the political scientist said that in this respect the interests of these countries are very similar.

“However, the Russian-Turkish initiative on the release of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan has apparently begun slipping because Yerevan started to diversify its foreign policy. Recently, thanks to the efforts of the Armenian lobby Armenia began a more independent policy without regard to Moscow. But at the same time in this matter everything will depend on the position of Ankara whether if it can link the process of ratification with the liberation of the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Politics in the region is becoming increasingly complex, and therefore all parties have adopted a waiting attitude,” he said.

Referring to the invitation of President of breakaway Abkhazia Sergei Bagapsh to Turkey, the political analyst said his country has a big Abkhaz diaspora and it will do much help Abhazia.

“But at the same time I do not think that Turkey will recognize the country. Participation of the Turkish business in this country is a matter of time ,” said A. Vlasov.

He also ruled out the possibility of recognition of Northern Cyprus by Russia in exchange for Turkish recognition of Abkhazia.