NBC had to retreat from its previous attitude following the efforts of Turkish American Organizations and Turkish citizens living in United States who sent thousands of protest letters to the producers of the program.

American NBC Television expressed regret on the broadcast of distorted Turkey map in the last week’s news report.

“Today’s Show” program in NBC Television broadcasted a distorted Turkey map during the report about three American mountain climber who trespassed the borders in illegal ways. NBC Television apologized to Turkey and Turkish people in the same TV Show programon thedistorted map with so called “Kurdistan” including Turkish territory.

The apology was as follows;

“Last week NBC news broadcasted a map including a region defined as ‘Kurdistan’ during the broadcast of a report about three American mountain climber who trespassed Iranian border. As there is a region in Iraq known as ‘Kurdistan,’ the map showed part of Turkish and Syrian territory within ‘Kurdistan.’ We apologize about the mistake.”