Izmir Metropolitan Municipality City Archives and Museum presents original letters, telegraphs and analysis of famous French writer Pierre Loti for the researches of analysts. The documents include an analys of French writer on 1915 events, in which Loti supports Turkish thesis.

The analysis of Loti confirms Turkish thesis on 1915 events and mention provocation of minorities in Ottoman Empire by Western countries. He stresses that minorities were supplied and driven to rebellion by external forces.

Pierre Loti stresses that Western sources ignore the atrocity that Muslim communities suffered of in Balkans. He states that several Westerner writer were censored and because of misinformation and false propaganda Westerner people do not know that Turkish people are peaceful and tolerative.

The documents that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality City Archives and Museum presents bears a torch on the issues that are still being discussed nowadays.

Pierre Loti was born in France, in 1850. His first visit to Ottoman Empire was to Izmir in 1870. He visited Turkish land for several times till his death in 1923.