National Security Council (NSC) on Monday expressed determination to fight against terrorism. NSC released a statement following its last meeting in 2009 and said internal and external developments regarding Turkey's security were assessed comprehensively.

"During the meeting, the council has emphasized that Turkey's fight against terrorism, targeting unity, integrity and peace of the country, will continue with determination. The council once again reaffirms its faith that the citizens will act in common sense in accordance with contemporary democracy and principles of law and avoid attitudes that would harm feelings of fraternity," the statement said.

"Developments in Iraq, course of the process in tripartite cooperation in fight against terrorism as well as relations with Iraq were assessed under the light of the parliamentary elections expected to take place on March 7, 2010," the statement said.

The statement said details of the ongoing negotiation process between the parties in Cyprus under the good will mission of the UN Secretary General aiming to find a comprehensive solution to Cyprus question were reviewed. "In fact, views of the NSC related to parameters of a fair, lasting and comprehensive solution in Cyprus was made public in a press release following its meeting dated June 30, 2009," the statement said.

"As stated in, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's letter to the Greek Prime Minister on October 30, 2009, it is important that international community and concerned parties should assume a more active and encouraging role in the solution process. In this framework, the council underlines that steps that will harm course of the negotiations and the final target should be refrained. The council stresses that achieving a fair and lasting solution in a short time could be possible in case all related parties have the necessary political will," it said.

The statement said NSC assessed the developments in Turkey's European Union (EU) membership bid that started in October 2005 and discussed new structuring in the EU institutions after Lisbon Agreement and results of December 2009 summit.

"The council underscores, acceleration of membership negotiations and elimination of political impediments and bilateral problems that are not related to EU acquisitions will be in the interests of all related parties," it said.