Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu paid a visit to the Palestinian Embassy in Ankara on Monday on the first anniversary of Israel's attack on Gaza.

Davutoglu met with the Palestinian Ambassador in Ankara, Nebil Maruf, and signed the special note-book at the Palestinian Embassy.

Speaking to reporters, Davutoglu said that he visited the Palestinian Embassy to display the solidarity of the Turkish government and people with Palestine on the first anniversary of Israel's attack on Gaza.

We do not think it is right to see such a human tragedy in our region, Davutoglu said.

Although a year has passed, the situation in Gaza continues to be serious from an humanitarian perspective. Tens of thousands of people in Gaza have entered the winter season homeless and without schools. There are no opportunities for construction or restoration in Gaza, Davutoglu stressed.

Gaza must no longer be an open air prison or a kind of a ghetto. Turkey will continue to do everything possible to improve the conditions in the region, Davutoglu also said.


Photos: AA