Members of Azerbaijani Parliament Cemil Hasanli said that terrorist organization PKK and Armenia are allies. “There is not any bigger threat for us other than this. Members of PKK are being trained in Armenia. PKK militants are trained by Armenia and they aresettled in the occupied lands of Azerbaijan,” said he.

Azerbaijan prepares a law draft that recognizes PKK as a terrorist organization.

Azerbaijani news portal News.Az has made an interview with member of Azerbaijani Parliament Cemil Hasanli. Commenting on the reason for bringing the issue on the agenda, Hasanli said, “We brought the issue on the agenda for several times. In my opinion, PKK is a serious threat for Turkey and for the region. We have evidences about the relation between Armenia and PKK that proves the support of Armenia to the terrorist organization. Other than that, European countries and parliaments of two countries recognize PKK as a terrorist organization. Azerbaijan should make similar steps.”


Hasanli said, “Turkeyis our brother. We continued our relations with Turkey, which considers problems of Azerbaijan as her own, as we pass through different stages. Our researches in Azerbaijan shows that PKK has plans against Azerbaijan. In these circumstances, we believe that recognition of PKK as a terrorist organization will be a good move.”


“PKK is a threat for Azerbaijan, because it is the ally of Armenia. There cannot be a bigger threat for Azerbaijan. PKK terrorists are being trained in Armenia. Armenia also supplies arms for them. We know they are being settled in the occupied lands of Azerbaijan. Isn’t it a threat for Azerbaijan,” said he.