U.S. CNN television channel promoted Turkish movie "A Cheerful Life" (Neseli Hayat) in a program. The movie was directed, produced and written by Yilmaz Erdogan who also played the leading role.

CNN said it was the first modern Christmas movie shot in Turkey where mainly Muslims were living and thus did not celebrate Christmas.

"A Cheerful Life" is about Riza --a Turk-- who is employed as Santa in a shopping mall, however, Riza has no idea what exactly Santa is.
CNN also broadcast an interview with Yilmaz Erdogan. Erdogan said the character he played was a metaphorical bridge between two different worlds as "upper class Turks celebrating the new year with Christmas ornaments and living with western world style" and "poor Turks moved from Anatolia to larger cities and living with traditions".

"I agree that a Turkish movie's focusing on Santa Claus is a rare occasion," said Erdogan.