Over 2.4 Million Turkish Citizens live in the European Union, revealed figures by Eurostat, statistics body of the European Union.

According to Eurostat's 2008 figures, Turkish citizens are the largest group of foreigners residing in the EU, which make up 6% (30.8m) of EU's 500 Million population.

Turkish Citizens are followed by Moroccans (1.7m), Albanians (1m), Chinese(621,000), Ukrainians(602,000), Algerians(594,000), Russians (570,000) and Indians (512,000).

Germany is the country that house the largest population of Turkish citizens with 1.83m, more than half of population of Turkish citizens in the EU.

Other EU countries where Turkish citizens reside are France (221,000), Austria (109,000), Holland (94,000), Belgium (40,000), UK (36,000).