Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has called on the international community to display stronger will to revive the Middle East peace process. Commenting on his meetings on Wednesday with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, his Egyptian Counterpart Ali Aboul Gheit, and Director of Egyptian General Intelligence Service Omar Suleiman, Davutoglu said they had discussed bilateral relations and regional issues ranging from talks between Israel and Palestine to developments in Iraq Syria and Iran.

Davutoglu said Turkey and Egypt had a shared vision regarding the Palestine issue, adding that both countries supported a solution that would result with a Palestinian state established on firm foundations, bringing peace to Palestine.

"We believe that the past couple of months were wasted. Unfortunately, major opportunities were missed both in the world and in our region. Greater steps could have been taken in the Middle East," said Davutoglu.

He said Turkey had exerted and would continue to exert serious efforts to revive the Middle East process and build an atmosphere of peace in the region, calling on all parties to step in.

He said not only Palestine and Israel but the whole international community should display a stronger will to revive the Middle East process.
Davutoglu said both Turkey and Egypt wanted Iraq to reach welfare and desired elections in Iraq to be held in a calm atmosphere. He said they agreed with Egypt to cooperate more in regional matters and continue bilateral consultations.