Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Thursday Turkey and Mexico were countries conscious of uniting different identities.

Erdogan addressed the Mexican Senate following his meeting with the President of the Senate of the United Mexican States, Carlos Navarrete Ruiz, on Thursday.

Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Mexico began in 1865 with the Friendship and Cooperation Treaty. Turkey has implemented its Latin America and Caribbean Move Strategy. Relations with Mexico is one of the building stones of this strategy. I think that, despite the geographical distance, what matters is the closeness of hearts. We share many similarities, Erdogan told Mexican senators.

We can work together in solving many economic and political problems in the world, Erdogan said.

We have exchanged opinions on current regional and global topics. The inter-parliamentary relations are crucial. As such, we have brought our deputies to Mexico. Deputies and senators are all representatives of our peoples and the friendship between our elected officials is actually friendship between the peoples, Erdogan said.

We hope to develop our ties by mutual visits, Erdogan noted.

We have to make use of the business potential that exists between Turkey and Mexico. We are presently the world's 17th biggest economy while Mexico is the world's 13th biggest economy. The trade volume of 500 million USD is well below the desired level. The trade volume between Turkey and Mexico should be worth billions of USD, Erdogan said.

Touching on the Alliance of Civilizations initiative of which Turkey is a co-chair, Erdogan said that Turkey viewed differences as cultural richness.

I believe that Mexico could contribute to this initiative as a country that has succeeded in uniting different identities, Erdogan also said.
Following his talks in Mexico, Erdogan departed for Turkey.


Photo: AA