Turkish, Iraqi and U.S. officials will get together as part of a tripartite mechanism in Iraq in mid-December to discuss homecoming of members of the terrorist organization PKK from the Makhmour camp, Turkish interior minister said on Thursday.


Besir Atalay, who spoke to reporters after his talks in Moscow, gave information about the Turkish government's democratic initiative.

Atalay said that Turkey would focus on Makhmour camp at this stage of efforts within government's democratic initiative and that the Turkish government planned to build a place --probably a complex of prefabricated houses near the southeastern Habur border gate-- for those who were expected to return from the camp located in the north of Iraq.

Around 11,000 people lived in Makhmour camp Atalay said, adding that majority of the population in the camp was comprised of families.

"I think more than 50 percent of them would return to Turkey," Atalay said. "They have villages and houses (in Turkey). They have their own places. They have left their places and gone. They will re-settle in those places. They have families and relatives."

The Turkish government did not expect PKK members living Europe to return home, Atalay said. "We do not have any plans about homecoming from Europe," he said.

Atalay also said that the government was working on a new institution on fight against discrimination and a bill on human rights, adding that those bills would soon be sent to the parliament for approval.