The Turkish prime minister defined on Wednesday hunger as an economic and political problem.

Turkey's Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that hunger, famine and food crisis were a political and humanitarian problem as much as an economic problem.

"Access to sufficient and balanced food is a fundamental human rights, like the right to live, education, health, property and freedom of expression," Erdogan addressed the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) summit in Rome, Italy.

Erdogan said that trying to hide hunger, famine, clashes, wars, massacres and terrorism, and more importantly trying to keep them under certain limits, was against the essence of the current age.

"A solution to this current situation should be found by politicians," Erdogan also said.

Also, Erdogan said food security was the main requirement of human life and development.

"The entire world is paying the costs of hunger and insufficient nutrition as migration and rise in social tension today," he said.
Erdogan said he however, believed the world's course could be turned into positive.

In his speech, Erdogan referred to advantages and risks of globalization, and said children who died of hunger in Ethiopia were every one's children, desperate people in Bangladesh were every one's people, the society killed in Gaza and those who survived in Gaza were every one's society.

The 36th Session of the FAO Conference is taking place in the Italian capital between November 18 and 23.


Photos: AA