U.S. Assistant Secretary for Bureau of Public Affairs, Philip Crowley said their concerns about Iran's nuclear program were not a matter of gossip.

Replying, at a press conference Friday, to a question on Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan's recent remarks published in the Guardian daily suggesting that concerns over Iran's attempts to acquire nuclear weapons were mere gossip, Crowley refused to comment but added that their concerns were based on facts.

He said that's why international inspectors were preparing a report on the newly discovered nuclear facility in Qom adding that they were looking forward to announcement of the report.

Crowley said the Turkish Premier would be visiting Washington early December noting that the U.S. Administration would have the opportunity to discuss with him recent developments in the region.

He said the U.S. has valued both relationship with Turkey and the importance of Turkey as a pivotal state in the region for decades now, praising the constructive role undertaken by Turkey in terms of its contacts with countries in its region.

"I think there has been some Turkish initiative recently to bolster its relationship with Iran. We think that's useful because we think there should be a variety of voices talking to the Iranian Government about its responsibilities and its need to play a more constructive role in the region," said Crowley.

"But certainly, we do think that Turkey plays a pivotal role in the region in terms of its relations with Iran, its relations with Iraq, its relations with Syria and other countries in the region. We value that position that Turkey has grown to occupy, and we?ll continue our dialogue with that country," said Crowley.