The founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, will be commemorated on the 71st anniversary of his demise on November 10.


Turks all across the country will observe a minute of silence at 0905 hours, the time when Ataturk passed away in 1938, on Tuesday.

Ataturk (born in 1881 in Thessaloniki) was a Turkish army officer, revolutionary statesman, and founder of the Republic of Turkey as well as its first President.

Ataturk became known as an extremely capable military officer during World War I. Following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, he led the Turkish national movement in the Turkish War of Independence. Having established a provisional government in Ankara, he defeated the forces sent by the Allies. His successful military campaigns led to the liberation of the country and to the establishment of Turkey. During his presidency, Ataturk embarked upon a program of political, economic, and cultural reforms. An admirer of the Age of Enlightenment, he sought to transform the former Ottoman Empire into a modern, democratic, and secular nation-state. The principles of Ataturk's reforms, upon which modern Turkey was established, are referred to as Kemalism.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's mausoleum (Anitkabir) is located in Turkish capital province of Ankara and is visited by thousands of Turks and foreign tourists every year.