US Ambassador in Ankara James Jeffrey said Sunday they expected Turkish-Iranian relations to continue within the resolutions of the United Nations (UN).


Speaking in a program of TV channel Kanal 7, Ambassador Jeffrey said that the U.S. supports the territorial integrity of both Iraq and Turkey.

Reminded about comments made by U.S. President Barack Obama during a visit to Turkey that the two countries have a "model partnership", Jeffrey said that Turkey and the U.S. share common values and responsibilities.

As part of the model partnership, the two countries frequently exchange ideas and have established common policies regarding Pakistan-Afghanistan, NATO, UN Security Council and the Middle East, Jeffrey stressed.

Asked about Turkey's relations with Iran and whether this relationship is a matter of concern for the U.S., Ambassador Jeffrey said that they were not bothered with Turkey's relations with Iran.

We expect Turkish-Iranian relations to continue within the resolutions of the UN, Jeffrey said.

In regard to fight against terrorism in Turkey, Jeffrey said that he desired to see an end to terrorism.

"Turkey knows better than us which steps to take (against terrorism). We have confidence in the Turkish democratic system and the Turkish people," Jeffrey also said.

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