Majority of Turkish Cypriots wants two separate and independent states in Cyprus.


According to a survey conducted in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), 77.9 percent of people wanted two separate states in the island and 63 percent did not believe the talks (between Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders to find a solution to Cyprus question) would be concluded successfully.

Responding to the question "what would be your vote if Annan Plan is resorted to referendum again?" 30.1 percent said "yes", 45.1 percent said "no", and 20.9 percent was indecisive.

Annan Plan was resorted to referendum on April 24, 2004 and 65 percent of Turkish Cypriots said "yes" to the plan.

Four percent of Turkish Cypriots is against the current situation, and 48.5 percent is against integration with Turkey while 42.6 percent is supporting the integration.

KADEM research company conducted the survey with 1,114 people.