The Turkish Cypriot president had a meeting with European commissioner for enlargement on Thursday.


The meeting between President Mehmet Ali Talat of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and commissioner Olli Rehn took place in the Belgian capital of Brussels.

"Nobody should forget that Turkish Cypriots and Turkey will not tolerate inclusion of the Greek Cypriot army, which claims the lives and properties of the Turkish Cypriots, in NATO," Talat told reporters after the meeting.

Talat said that he was aware of the importance EU attached to NATO, and the union was committed to the general security to be ensured by NATO.

However, inclusion of the Greek Cypriot administration in NATO would be a serious security threat against TRNC.

"Accepting it will be a kind of suicide," he also said.

Talat said that the EU should be more interested in solving Cyprus problem. The Turkish Cypriot president said that Olli Rehn wanted to learn the recent developments in ongoing Cyprus negotiations and if the two parties in the island would reach a solution in a short time.

Talat said that TRNC thought that the EU could not assume an unbiased stance on Cyprus problem as the Greek Cypriot administration was a full member, but said the EU could encourage the Greek Cypriot administration for a quick settlement.

Also, Talat said Turkish Cypriots had lost their confidence in the EU, however they still wanted to join the union and to reach a settlement in their island.

"However, both their hopes for a settlement and their confidence in the EU have been faded," he said.

Talat said the EU had to improve its relations with Turkish Cypriots to raise their hopes and confidence in the EU.

On ports and airports, Talat said, "Turkey should not be expected to lift restrictions against the Greek Cypriot administration unless isolation of TRNC becomes smoother."

Talat said he thought that a progress should be made in ongoing Cyprus negotiations till the end of February the latest due to presidential elections in TRNC due in April because he had concerns that elections campaigns might harm the negotiation process.

Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders launched Cyprus talks in September 2008 in an effort to find a solution to the Cyprus issue. The first round of the talks was completed on August 6, 2009. And the second round started on September 10.