Turkish Energy & Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz said, "neither public nor private sector should be dragged into a state of lethargy because of the global financial crisis. Let's call it 'an interruption of one year'."


Speaking at the 11th International Energy Arena in Istanbul, Yildiz said, "recent decrease in oil prices led to new arguments whether investments in renewable energy resources are feasible. While the world economy is becoming global, national policies are still in their national level. This is the problem we need to solve. Investments in renewable energy resources fell by 38 percent in the world in 2009."

"I consider 2010 an important year for nuclear energy. We need to lay foundation of nuclear power stations without wasting any more time. We also focus on some legal arrangements in the coming months," he said.

The theme of the arena organized by the Strategic Technical Economic Research Center (STEAM) is "Investments - Prices - Problems - Solutions - Turkey; As Energy Market Achieves Acceleration".

The Steam said that some of the objectives of the arena are to bring the status of electricity investments and the problems faced during this process up for discussion; to discuss the problems and solution proposals, distribution and privatization experiences in electricity and natural gas sectors; to discourse the price mechanisms at the base of petroleum and natural gas by gathering the major actors of the sector; and to research extensively Turkey's strategic role in Energy sector across the world.