The senior Israeli diplomat in Turkey expressed belief on Tuesday that Turkish-Israeli relations would strengthen again.


Israeli Ambassador to Turkey Gavriel Levy met Mayor Halil Bakirci of the northern province of Rize, and said Turkish-Israeli relations were undergoing a hard time.

Levy also said however, he believed that Israeli-Turkish relations, based on strong grounds, would become as strong as they used to be after the misunderstanding was eliminated.

The ambassador reassured that those difficult days would be overcome in time.

Also, Levy referred to the Gaza operation, and argued that he believed that if Turkey or the people of Rize were facing such a threat from neighboring countries, Turkish people would behave in the same way.

Levy said the entire life stopped, children could not go to school, work places were closed and transportation was cut, and also said a responsible government could not stop doing anything against such conditions.

The ambassador said he thought nobody could deny the Israelis' right to defend themselves.

Levy also said that Israel had done so much for peace, and hoped it would sign a peace deal with Syria again in the future.