Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu arrived in Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur on Sunday to attend the 12th session of Council of Ministers of Group for Developing 8 (D-8).

The meeting will bring together foreign ministers from Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

Davutoglu is set to meet with Malaysian Foreign Minister Aman Anifah on November 3.


The Developing 8 (D-8) is the organization for development and economic cooperation among eight countries namely Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey. It was established at the "Development Cooperation Conference" in Istanbul on October 22, 1996 among eight participating countries. The establishment of the D-8 was announced officially during the Istanbul Summit of Heads of State/Government on June 15, 1997.

The D-8 aims at improving member states' position in the global economy, diversifying and creating new opportunities in trade relations, enhancing participation in decision-making mechanisms at the international level as well as improving the standards of living in member countries.

Dipo Alam of Indonesia is currently the Secretary-General of the D-8 and the Secretariat is based in Istanbul, Turkey.