Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met with Massoud Barzani, head of the regional administration in the north of Iraq, in Irbil on Friday and discussed Turkish government's democratic move and efforts to eradicate the terrorist organization PKK. Davutoglu told Barzani that Iraq and Turkey would begin a "bright era" in relations, if the terrorist organization was dissolved, diplomats said.

However, Davutoglu said such a bright era would never come if "brothers continue to fight each other", diplomats said.

Davutoglu also said that there were three legs of fight against terrorism which he put as "fight inside Turkey, fight in the north of Iraq and fight in Europe."

He also asked the regional administration to help Turkey root out the PKK from Mount Qandil.

On his part, Barzani said that Turkey had always helped them in their hard times and that they have never got harm from Turkey, diplomats stated.

He said the terrorist organization would either change itself after Turkish government's democratic move, or it would fail because of the pressure from Kurdish people.

Barzani also praised Davutoglu and his moves in Turkey's foreign policy and said, "what you have done in a year, could not be made over the past hundred years."


Photoso: AA