A Turkish state minister said on Wednesday that Turkey's mediation between Iran and the United States was crucial for world peace. Turkey's State Minister and European Union (EU) chief negotiator Egemen Bagis said Turkey's possible mediation between Iran and the United States was very essential for world peace.

"The biggest 15th economy in the world, Turkey cannot ignore world problems," Bagis told AA correspondent in Finland.

Bagis said that Finland once more had the opportunity to reaffirm its support to Turkey's EU membership during his visit to this country, and underlined Turkey's importance for EU in regard to its unique geographical location.

"Turkey will go on with its negotiations with only option, which is membership," he said.

Bagis said the recent progress report, released by the European Commission, talked about Turkey's contributions to EU's foreign policy perspective and Turkey's role as a mediator between Syria and Israel, Russia and Georgia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Iraq and Syria.

Turkish State Minister Bagis will return to Turkey after meeting Finnish Minister of Immigration and European Affairs Astrid Thors.