Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday underlined unity and solidarity between peoples of Turkey and Pakistan.

Speaking at Pakistan-Turkey CEO Forum in Islamabad, Erdogan said relations between Turkey and Pakistan was an example to all countries in the world.

Erdogan referred to the sensitive period the world economy was going through, noting that world economies were expected to shrink and trade to diminish.

"Turkey believes that crisis can be solved working in solidary. Turkey was among the countries that were affected by the least. The Turkish government managed to protect its economy against the crisis thanks to the bold economic reforms fulfilled in the past 7 years," Erdogan said, adding that Turkey reached a stable macro-economic environment as a result of financial and monetary policies it had implemented.

"Turkey's development accelerated. The country has become a center of attraction for international investors. Turkey managed to draw 18 billion USD direct international investment in 2008 despite all the negative developments," Erdogan said.

Erdogan said important international organizations of the world showed Turkey among the economies that has the potential to develop the most. "Many international institutions, mainly IMF, point to stable growth of Turkey."

"Turkey's national unity process, underway nowadays, will play an active role in the leap of Turkish economy in the new period. New opportunities will emerge for our economy as long as Turkey gets rid of social problems that continued for tens of years," he said.

"We believe that an environment of stability and confidence is necessary for a strong economy," he added.

Erdogan said military, commercial, and cultural relations between Pakistan and Turkey should boost, indicating that both sides have the necessary will to do this.

"Actual 742 million USD trade volume should be raised to 5 billion USD," he noted.

Referring to visa issue, Erdogan said, "entrance of our businessmen without visa will boost our confidence. I hope to ink the agreements in this respect."