Turkey's Ambassador in Washington D.C. Nabi Sensoy on Sunday described a resolution introduced to the U.S. Senate regarding 1915 incidents as "unfortunate".

Appearing on a Voice of America television news segment, Sensoy said introduction of the resolution calling on Armenian allegations to be recognized was "extremely wrong".

"Before all, this was not an unexpected development. I don't think it was the right time to take this step since the resolution was introduced immediately after the signing of the Turkey-Armenia Protocols. It is wrong and sad. I am hopeful that it (the resolution) will not reach the (Senate) floor. I think there will be no progress on this issue," he said.

Asked to comment on stance of U.S. President Barack Obama regarding Armenian allegations, Ambassador Sensoy said Obama did not include such an allegation in his speech on April 24.

Referring to relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan, and U.S. stance on the matter, Sensoy said, "before all we think it will extremely beneficial to put relations between Turkey and Armenia into a new course thanks to this protocol, establish diplomatic relations, and to open borders. We think this will contribute not only to relations between Turkey and Armenia but also to peace, stability and security of a region full of 'frozen' problems".

"Turkey does not want its relations to be negatively affected by Azerbaijan which we call as 'one nation two states'. It was regardless of question for Turkey to sign any development that would be against its Azerbaijani brothers," Sensoy said.

On October 22 U.S. Senators Robert Menendez and John Ensign, the two important supporters of Armenian lobby, introduced the resolution calling on the Senate to recognize allegations regarding 1915 incidents.