Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that neither Armenia nor any other country could dare to claim any part of Turkish territories. Davutoglu addressed the parliament and gave information about the protocols signed by Turkey and Armenia on October 10 to establish diplomatic ties and develop bilateral relations.

"Turkey's foreign policy is based on a sound ground. The most fundamental element is to create a zone of peace, prosperity and stability around our country. This is the most important target of our foreign policy. We will maintain our efforts to ensure permanent peace, prosperity and stability in all adjacent areas including the Balkans, the Caucasus and the Mediterranean," we said.

"We pursue a quite principled policy to this end. We are trying to put into practice four main principles to develop such an understanding in those areas. The first of those principles is to create and ensure an order of security and stability for everyone in the adjacent areas. The second is to consolidate a ground of political dialogue to resolve all problems through dialogue. The third is to create mutual economic dependencies and to remove all obstacles in front of a peaceful atmosphere through such an economic order. And the last one is to pave the way for co-existence of different religious, ethnic, and ideological elements by internalizing those differences of countries and societies," he said.

"The current status quo in the Caucasus does not correspond to our vision. Because there are frozen crises which can emerge and lead to a security problem in the region. Those crises are just like bomb which are ready to blow. If we fail to resolve them through peaceful methods, they can pose risks. And there is not a sound ground of political dialogue based on mutual confidence among the countries in the southern Caucasus to remove those crises. Except from the trilateral projects among Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, there are not sufficient economic projects in the region. It is impossible to ensure a lasting peace in the region without providing mutual economic dependency and an area of economic prosperity," he said.

"Because of the current status quo in the Caucasus, some part of Azerbaijani territories have been under occupation for the last 17 years. Armenia, on the other hand, is getting poorer and poorer and its population has already begun leaving the country. And Turkey cannot act efficiently because of the current status quo. Therefore, we must change it. We have three important targets to this end: First of all, we need to establish good neighborly relations with Armenia. Secondly, we want to set up a channel of healthy communication between Turkish and Armenian peoples. And thirdly, we aim at accelerating the process to resolve the Upper Karabakh dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia," he said.

Davutoglu added, "neither Armenia nor any other country could dare to claim any part of Turkish territories. And the protocols we signed with Armenia ensure this."