Turkey considered Azerbaijani flag and territories holy as Turkey's, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday. "Our martyrs resting in Baku are distinguished witnesses for it," he said, addressing his Justice & Development (AK) Party group meeting.

Erdogan said Turkish government and himself backed his speech delivered at the Azerbaijani Parliament.

Commenting on relations with Azerbaijan, Erdogan said he talked to Azerbaijani parliamentarians and assessed the protocols signed with Armenia. "I have told them that it is out of question for Turkey to take a step against Azerbaijan. Circles of instigation are trying to mislead public with slanders. Azerbaijani brothers should not allow them," Erdogan said.

Erdogan said Turkey looked after interests of Azerbaijan and considered sorrows of Azerbaijan as its own sorrows. "Happiness of Azerbaijan enhances Turkey's enthusiasm," he said.

"Nobody should misinterpret Turkey's sincere efforts and friendly stance. Nobody should try to test Turkey," he noted.

"The progress recorded in Turkish-Azerbaijani relations in our 7-year AK Party is clear. We did what was necessary," Erdogan said adding that it was the decision of FIFA not to allow Azerbaijani flags in the national match between Turkey and Armenia. Erdogan said, "circles of instigation are working hard particularly on this matter. Of course they are also supported within Turkey."

"Our people knows very well the circles trying to provoke the national match," he noted.

Erdogan said Turkish government's achievements in the past 7 years regarding the Turkish world were also clear.
"The Martyrdom Mosque in the Azerbaijani martyrdom is what really hurts us. I believe that our Azerbaijani brothers will very well assess what hauling down of the Turkish flag in the martyrdom meant," Erdogan said.


Photo: AA