Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu rejected recent criticism of Israeli Premier Benjamin Netenyahu who voiced doubts over Turkey's honesty as a broker in Syria talks. Davutoglu told reporters at a joint press conference with Czech Foreign Jan Kohout in Ankara Monday that last year's indirect talks between Syria and Israel showed how honest Turkey's mediating efforts were.

"Both the former Israeli Government of the time, and the Syrian Government praised Turkey's efforts to broker talks. Turkey has always embraced a moral approach in not just this issue, but all regional and global issues, and will continue to do so," said Davutoglu.

Turkey recently voiced concern over Israeli attitude towards Palestinians in Gaza Strip and cancelled a joint military exercise with this country. Turkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan said they had to heed Turkish peoples' views who were disturbed by Israeli violence in Gaza strip, signalling that decision to cancel the exercise was a protest of Isreali polices.

The tension between the two countries further escalated when Turkey's state run TRT Channel aired a TV series portraying atrocities against Palestinians by Israeli troops.

Last Thursday, Israel's Foreign Ministry summoned a Turkish diplomat regarding the TV series called "Ayrilik" (Separation) which showed soldiers shooting down a smiling Palestinian girl and a Palestinian baby held up by his father above his head.

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman had said the show "constituted the most serious level of incitement, and it is being done with state sponsorship."

Israeli Ambassador to Turkey visited the Turkish Foreign Ministry last Friday and also expressed Israel's concerns over the TV series.

Davutoglu said Turkey's concern stemmed from the moral approach it embraced, and only countries with such approach could best mediate talks.

"Our region should get back to a dynamism of peace. Once that happens and the parties demand it Turkey will do whatever it can. And I must say we are not mediating for the sake of mediation. Mediation is valuable if it leads to peace," said Davutoglu.

Answering a question on whether recent allegations suggesting that Hizbullah was getting ready to attack U.S. and Israeli targets in Turkey were true, Davutoglu said Turkey guaranteed the protection of all foreign missions within its borders.