The Turkish president said on Sunday that Israel's recent reaction to Turkey was not right. Turkey's President Abdullah Gul said that Israel's recent reaction to Turkey was not right, and that it was not right was proved by a report adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Israel reacted to Turkey due to a TV series that was about incidents in Gaza.

"Turkey is one of a few countries that have good relations with both Arab countries and Israel," Gul told a program on state-run TRT channel.

Gul underlined importance of this status for regional peace and stability.

"However, this does not mean that Turkey will remain silent to wrong behaviors and acts, and therefore Turkey does what it has to do when necessary," he said.

Gul said that Israel had to take lessons from the UN council's report, and hoped that such incidents would never occur again.

On Turkey's European Union (EU) membership bid, Gul said that Turkey in five or ten years would be different from today's Turkey.

"Then, neither Germany nor France can bear Turkey's charm," Gul said.

Also, Gul said that Turkey wanted a settlement in Cyprus, and showed its good will to the entire world.

Gul said Turkey wanted all restrictions on the island of Cyprus to be lifted at the same time.

The Turkish president defined Azerbaijan and Turkey as "two separate states of a single nation", and said that there were significant developments in settlement of the Upper Karabakh dispute.

Referring to domestic politics, Gul said a new constitution could be prepared instead of amending some parts of the current one and expressed belief that Turkey needed a new constitution, that could be accepted by every one.

Gul said no country could tolerate people carrying arms illegally within or outside its borders.

However, he said, he hoped the recent opportunity in fight against terrorism would not be missed.