The Turkish president said on Thursday that security in the Caucasus would bring prosperity. Turkey's President Abdullah Gul said that security in the Caucasus would bring stability, and in the end, development and welfare. “Problems in the Caucasus should be solved," Gul said in an interview with French "L'Express" magazine.

Also, Gul said that there were no foreign pressure on normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey.

Gul said Turkey aimed to ensure regional peace and stability and establish good relations with its neighbors, and thanked any one that helped the process.

The Turkish president said that Turkey and Armenia would submit the protocols they had signed to their parliaments for ratification, and hoped that every one would be good-willed.

Gul said that Turkey not only aimed at normalizing its relations with Armenia but also ensuring peace, stability and cooperation in the entire region.

On Upper Karabakh dispute, Gul said, "occupation of territories of one country by troops of another country is unacceptable, and this problem should be solved through dialogue."

Gul said that horizons should be broadened, and asked why Armenian-Azerbaijani relations shouldn't be improved.

Also, Gul said Turkey showed its good will by opening all its archives, including military archives regarding the incidents of 1915.

Gul suggested that a history commission, in which historians from other countries could participate, should be allowed to work on this matter.

Also, Gul said that this issue had nothing to do with Turkey-European Union (EU) relations.

L'Express is France's first weekly news magazine.